Dizzy O’Dare


Past Shows

The Tiny Travelling Tighwire Show!

The only tightwire show that can roll into any space, combining charming puppetry and impeccable balance.

The Wonderful World of Mr E

As seen on TV!

Take an adventure into imagination with MR E and his crew

From The Inky Deep

Combining circus, theatre, and dance.

Created as a closing show for the Fuse Festival, 2010,

Cabinet of Curiosities

A unique roaming piece - a Victorian cabinet on wheels filled to the brim with strange and wonderful goodies

The Last Apothecary

Floggit and Skarper return this time trying to cure the masses, whether they need it or not!

Kids Cabaret of Curiosities

A spin off to the hugely successful Cabaret of Curiosities

King John

Arrogant - yes. Charming - yes.

Meet King John as he walks about your event or festival, charms the maidens and recruits new knights

Dizzy O’Dare have had a great history of show making. Past shows have featured - Puppets, Pyros, Circus, Comedy and Cabarets

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Indoor show

Exploring love, maturing, and letting go.

Body of Wires

The new show by Dizzy O’Dare features 2 crossing wires and an international cast of wire walkers.