Dizzy O’Dare


A new darkly comic, dramatized podcast from the award winning street theatre company Dizzy O'Dare, the minds that created Baba Yaga’s House and The Last Apothecary.

After fixing an old Decca Radiogram, we came across a strange radio station, The Nightcrawler.

The usual host JD Night has gone missing so Oliver Prowse is scratching around the airwaves, sharing local stories from Greater Lynching, escaped devils, doomed pie eating contests, creatures in the local river and more.

The Nightcrawler

Are you a writer, actor, musician, artist???

The Nightcrawler is an evolving narrative using your contributions to expand the myth.

If you would like to contribute in any way please get in touch: mike@dizzyodare.com

Produced by Dizzy O'Dare
Writen and performed by Michael Imerson
additional regular voices by;

  1. Alana Jones

  2. Simon Johns

Adverts by Jonathan Glew
Music by Ennis Thompson
Artwork by Lars Dane