Dizzy O’Dare


Audience feedback;

A stunningly brilliant performance of wire walking, dance and music by Dizzy O’Dare- outstanding

Ladies, you were so outstanding today, I was rendered speechless, twice! Not seen anything so fab.

Incredible performance

Gripping all the way

Dizzy O’Dare were spectacular

All the acts were spectacular but these guys were in a different league!

Mesmerising contemporary dance and circus #wires

Im still shivering in awe #wires

Dizzy O’Dare- awesome as always

In a fusion of fire, dance and circus, Dizzy O’Dare’s trio of tightwire tribeswomen embark on a spellbinding journey to cleanse and heal their tribe.

This sisterhood of black magic women, meld earth, air and fire together in an elemental ritual, a bewitching blend of ground-up dance and double tightwire, magic and music combine to conjure up a show that is captivating, provocative and powerful.

Body of Wires is performed by the UK’s leading tightwire company, Dizzy O’Dare and features an all-female cast of international wire-walkers.

Supported by Arts Council England and Seachnage Arts.

image  by David Street

video by Michael Imerson

photo by Rikard Osterlund

Body of Wires