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Michael has been entertaining crowds, performing stand up and compering events for over 20 years. He is a regular entertainer at corporate events and parties, and has performed all over the world

For more information on children's entertainment goto www.mighty-mike.co.uk

The GIANT BALLOON SHOW will have the audiences in stitches and in awe simultaneously. Expect feverous balloon sculptures, high energy comic performance and of course the all important giant balloon!

“We have rarely seen balloons used for something other than children’s entertainment and never for something so artistic, experimental, or engaging” audience feedback

Take everything you know about balloons; twist that into a theatrical experience, add an award winning clown and an 80’s soundtrack and you have The Giant Balloon Show!

A 45min show for all ages, with lots of audience interaction. The set up is quick and easy - everything needed for the show is self-contained in the beautiful custom made balloon cart. The show has toured large open field festivals, theatres, corporate events, libraries, and has even been adapted for Christmas.

This is a small-scale show, which plays big!!!

Supported by Applause Rural Touring, Ideas Test, Medway Libraries and the Medway Arts Team

The Giant Balloon Show

Feedback from the Giant Balloon Show

That was a masterclass in entertainment.

I counted 350 people at the start of the show and the crowd just kept growing - Festival manager

Brilliant show. Never seen my autistic son so engaged. Thank you.

I now know what Ferris Bueller did after school – he became you!!

This was the greatest show I’ve ever seen!

Very entertaining for both children and adults. Brilliant

Couldn’t take our eyes off the Giant Balloon. It was so good.

My son wants to see the show again!

Never laughed so much!!

Interactive, creative, imaginative. Great Fun.

Never seen something like that before! Everybody loves you.

Made for festivals, theaters, cabaret

and corporate events

photo by Rikard Osterlund

The Giant Balloon Show and Mike have

also been referred to as;

The Big Balloon Show, The Giant Balloon Spectacular, The boy in the bubble, balloon boy, balloon man, the balloon man of kent, balloon head, the balloon escapologist, the big balloon man, the giant bubble show, Bubble man, the fella with a balloon on his head, that guy who climbs inside a balloon.

Winner of, The International

Festival of Fools

past winners include; Frasier Hooper, Matt Ricardo

& Abi Collins,

This hugely successful show works great as an indoor or outdoor show, and has been adapted for Christmas, Halloween or cabaret