Dizzy O’Dare


“Astonishing and brilliant show”

Adrian Berry - Artistic Director, Jacksons Lane, London

“Inky deep' at Jackson’s Lane theatre is single most beautiful, powerful, stunning, breath taking, heart breaking and heart mending thing I have ever seen”

Emily Juniper - author & illustrator

“A remarkable journey, with a company daring to do the unexpected, for 2000 people who had seen something they had never dared to expect.” 
Dave Cotton - Arts Development Officer, Medway

“Trekked all the way to Jackson's Lane, including wading through a 3ft deep puddle on Archway hill, last night to see Dizzy O'Dare's From The Inky Deep - and it was well worth it!”

Performing Arts Network East Kent

“Go see this show! ... great to see a show where you need to use your brain a bit!”

Craig the Incredible Hula Boy!

Dizzy O’Dare’s first Show - From The Inky Deep, was created in 2010 and performed until 2012

From the Inky Deep combines spellbinding tightwire with dynamic aerial circus and physical theatre to transport you to a new world where dark fairy tales and mythical creatures amaze and delight.  From The Inky Deep is both eerie and beautiful, tense and breathtaking.

Original commission by Fuse Medway Festival, supported by Arts Council England

Performed at Fuse Medway Festival, Jacksons Lane and Hat Fair

From The Inky Deep