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Meet Kevin Tickle, falconer extraordinaire and his collection of eccentric Birds of Prey; Malvolio the Vulture, Princess the baby owl and Booboo the Peregrin Falcon (birds may vary).

Experience the breath-taking flying displays of these majestic Birds, showcasing their unique behaviours, personalities and flying techniques.

Head falconer Kevin Tickle’s life-long fascination with birds of prey began when he was three years old. It has been Kevin’s life-long ambition to present his own falconry display and with help from three of the stupidest people in the world, his dreams are finally coming true.

The show will be a total hoot! Join the fun and help make Kevin’s dreams come true.

NB – no actual birds will be used in this performance.

for more information contact: admin@dizzyodare.com

Falconry Dismay

Dizzy O’Dare’s turns the traditional falconry display on its head in this raucous comedy street show!

Supported by Arts Council England & Applause Rural touring

images by Just So Festival and Alison Lewis Photography