Dizzy O’Dare


A unique and bizarre walkabout from the creators of ‘Body of Wires,’ ‘The Wonderful World of Mr E,’ ‘The Giant Balloon Show’

Baba Yaga‘s House is a ramshackle old cottage, which roams the land on chicken legs, while Baba flies across the landscape in her giant pestle and mortar, and though she may seem scary, she might tell your fortune, in exchange for a year of your life, or then again she might just eat you.

Inspired by Slavic fairytales, adapted over centuries to excite and scare children and adults alike, now awoken from her slumber, 300 years later Baba Yaga flies again.

Baba Yaga is a dark slavic fairy tale which has an intriguing allure to children whilst not pandering to a cutesy popular culture aesthetic.

Supported by Without Walls, Seachange Arts and Norfolk & Norwich  Festival

Baba Yaga’s House

“Absolutely magical!”

Live and Local

“My little girl can't stop talking about it”

Audience member - Foundry Woods

Gratifyingly sinister with wicked ad libs ... My 8 year old laughed with a side order of relish as she was inspected as a potential dinner ... utterly brilliant”

lucy loves circus

“Dizzy O'Dare brings both humour and malice to this deliciously wicked piece of roaming theatre. Encore, sister!”

Tales From Foxglove Cottage - blog

Baba Yaga’s House, was kindly supported by Without Walls, Seachange Arts and Norfolk and Norwich Festival

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